My journey on becoming a yoga teacher – Part 2: Certified and back to reality

It was amazing, exhausting, mind-blowing, all of it at once – 200 hours (probably more, at least it felt like more) within 4 weeks of yoga from all points of view.

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Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Veni and I embarked in a capsule wardrobe project. Here is the first step to make your own. Step 1: Making space, letting go. The very first step of doing a capsule wardrobe consists of digging out all of your clothes for the season (in our case Fall & Winter) and separating them into three…

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5 ways you can shop for clothes more consciously

As global citizens, living in a every time more and more connected planet, mainly through international trade, our choices as consumers have more impact in our world than ever before. What you choose to buy today, has a strong influence in the lives of people in the most remote areas you can imagine. Here are five ways you can shop for clothes more consciously.

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