Hello there!

Welcome to QuinoaYoga – a blog aiming to form a worldwide community of quinoa and yoga loving expats that support each other in finding their zen and inner home with a little bit of mindfulness and humor.


You may be wondering why in the world would we name this blog quinoa.yoga…

Well, quinoa, a nowadays very trendy super food, gives you lots of protein and iron and is loved by the vegan/vegetarian community. Quinoa also is (or was) a staple food for the people of Bolivia, where it comes from.  Yet, since this holy chenopodium (it’s not a grain but more like a seed!) was labeled super food, it has impacted the nutrition and farming practices of Bolivians and their soil in good and bad ways.

For us, quinoa represents consciousness and the responsibility we have as consumers in this world.

Not only in regards to what you eat, but in all the choices that you make. Because as consumers, our decisions have immense power over the fate of others. Acknowledging that power is the first step. 

Yoga represents mindfulness inside and out.

It is not just a set of poses that you practice to get beautifuly toned shoulders – it’s a way of living mindfully.

Yoga is not a sport, nor a religion, nor a philosophical doctrine, and is definitely not mystical. Yoga is just wisdom. Wisdom of life. It’s pretty much a manual to live a really, really good life.

Throughout the past few years, these two key words have changed the way we see the world. We hope that by sharing our stories and tips with you, we can help you do the same for yourself, too.

With love and purpose,

Mel & Veni

MelMelissa, originally from Mexico, is living in Germany since 2010. When she is not busy coordinating development cooperation projects at her day job, she daydreams of leading yoga and meditation retreats in a far away jungle that support local communities with women and children empowerment projects.

Veni Veneta, originally from Bulgaria, lives in Germany since 2015. She is passionate about traveling and cooking delicious healthy foods, and loves all things digital marketing.