Stepping out of our comfort zone

Life would be too boring if we were always nicely wrapped in the comforts of the known. Some call it routine, others call it “normal life”, I like to just call it part of life.

If you’ve read my past post, you’ll know that I recently became a certified yoga teacher. I had always dreamt about some day teaching yoga but had no clear idea of what yoga is really all about nor of what teaching this practice really entails. I kind of saw it as one of those dreams that you deep inside know you’re never really going to make come true… Yet, I was lucky enough to have a friend that needed help covering her weekly classes so she could go sort some things out of town for a while and insisted every time we met that I should get certified so I could take over for her. It was by the second or third time that she insisted that I realised I seriously needed to get certified. Such an opportunity (or sign from the universe as I like to call it) cannot be ignored.

I started teaching about a month ago now, two weeks after coming back from my training, and it was scary. Heather kindly introduced me to her group and allowed me to lead the next three sessions on my own. And it has been an amazing experience!

The first time I was very nervous. I carefully prepared my class and arrived earlier so that I could place my notebook in a place where i could glance every now and then so I wouldn’t forget which pose was next. I ended up doing the flow a bit too fast and missing some of the last poses. I noticed in the middle that people were exhausted and just wanted for it to end already, so I moved them into savasana. To my surprise, people were happy with the class and didn’t notice I was nervous. Fast forward to today, the nervous jitters are pretty much gone and I’m enjoying this “uncomfortable zone” a lot.

Truth is, although it’s uncomfortable to put yourself in a vulnerable place, it also helps you grow and learn so much about yourself and how to read people’s energy.

My favourite part (besides preparing the class and making play lists for them – check out my Spotify) is to guide the group into grounding themselves at the beginning of the class. I make sure that they feel safe and comfortable enough to relax and be themselves, that they know that this class is not about how bendy they are, but about how deep they can go within, about how much self-acceptance and non-judgement they can practice, and how relaxed and at peace they can become and carry this on to the rest of their evening. I reassure them of this in savasana and watching them leave with that sense of release brings me so much joy and reminds me what an awesome decision I made to do this.


Although I am not yet entirely sure of how far I want to take these teachings from a career perspective, I am sure of one thing, and that is that I want to continue introducing this amazing philosophy to as many people as the universe allows me to, guiding them into flowing in the current of life with full trust that everything is going to be ok, because it is already ok.

So, you, my dear reader, if you have something in your mind that you would like to do, that you’ve meaning to work on but haven’t because you think you might fail and then why even try, or you’re just afraid, or doubtful, or whatever it is that you feel that is keeping you from going for it, I say, do it! Just go for it! Don’t even think about the how, the details, just take the first step. I promise you that if you really want it, things will align for you in such a way that you will not be able to turn back from your calling.