Quinoa and Yoga – Say what?!

So you read my first blog post where I introduce myself or are just wondering what is this blog really about?

Well, it’s about my journey as an expat. Within this journey, some years ago, I discovered yoga through a class at the gym and fell in love with it. At first I felt uncomfortable, especially if the teacher started chanting or mentioning the sutras. But with time I was seduced by the beauty of sweating my ass off, forcing myself to not think about anything else but whatever the teacher was telling me to do and rewarding myself right afterwards with savasana (aka corpse pose – literally lying down for at least 5 minutes without moving or pretending you’re dead – it’s the BEST!).

Not long after, I started reading about eating mindfully and how to have a better relationship with food and with my body and how our choices as consumers have a huge impact on the environment as well as on the communities where these foods come from.

You may have heard about Quinoa, super duper trendy super food. Gives you lots of protein and iron, loved by vegans and vegetarians. This super trendy food is (or was) also a staple food for the people of Bolivia, where it comes from.

Ever since this holy chenopodium (it’s not a grain but more like a seed!) was labeled super food… Well, it has impacted the nutrition and farming practices of Bolivians and their soil in good and bad ways.

With that being said, the purpose of this blog is to share my journey with you as an expat with a little bit of Yoga and Quinoa. Yoga represents mindfulness inside and out, while Quinoa represents consciousness and responsibility as a consumer in this world. Not only in regards to what you eat, but in all the choices that you make.


Throughout the past few years, these two key words have changed the way I see the world and expanded my horizons. I hope that by sharing my stories and thoughts with you, I can help you do the same for yourself, too.

With love and purpose,


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