5 ways you can shop for clothes more consciously

As global citizens, living in a every time more and more connected planet, mainly through international trade, our choices as consumers have more impact in our world than ever before. What you choose to buy today, has a strong influence in the lives of people in the most remote areas you can imagine. Here are five ways you can shop for clothes more consciously. … More 5 ways you can shop for clothes more consciously

Wonder woman

After these two weeks with the women of my life, I felt the need to give a little tribute to my grandma and her kick-ass determination and write a little bit about her. I started the post while on the plane to Paris and just finished it now. A post to honor my mom will follow sometime soon. Here it goes… … More Wonder woman


I had attempted to start a blog quite some years ago. I wrote two blog posts and then freaked out. Five years later, here I am again, exposing myself to the world. This time without fear and with a purpose. … More Beginnings