What’s this blog about?

Hello there!

Welcome to QuinoaYoga – a blog that gives you a sneak-peek into what life is like for me – Melissa, a 30-year-old expat originally from Mexico living in “Mainhattan” (also known as Frankfurt, Germany) and how yoga and quinoa have kept me sane in times of Brexit and welcoming adulthood.

With my stories and occasional life tips, I hope to form a worldwide community of quinoa and yoga loving expats that support each other in finding their zen and inner home with a little bit of mindfulness and humor.



005Melissa lives in Germany since 2010. When she is not busy coordinating development cooperation projects at her day job, she daydreams of leading yoga and meditation retreats in a far away jungle that support local communities with women and children empowerment projects. If you want to daydream with her, give her a shout-out.